Luxembourg - Retail & service spaces of 2.500 m² - 486 route de Longwy

Prime Retail Location, Luxembourg

Technical Description

Reinforced concrete structure, large shop windows, double glazing, automatic entrance doors, available height inside = 3,4 + 0,45 m, epoxy floor covering, continous ventilation and heating, standby generating set, automatic outside lighting, 3000kg service elevator, central elevator to the parking deck on the building roof.


- False ceiling: ROCKFON white 1200 x 600 x20 mm
- Ceiling integrated spot or neon lights
- Power and data cabling through the ceiling
- Individual power connecting pannels
- Individual partition walls for separate offices,social rooms,storage areas
- Individual restrooms
- Ventilation and heating through ceiling integrated fan convectors
- Further options on request

Technical Drawings & Photos